Record Bin Roulette – Mistreating the Masters – Episode 301


Waste 4 of your precious minutes and risk getting some culture. Classical music has inspired at least 4 unnecessary pop hits, and we inflict them on you with value added.

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Episode 210, “Tattoos”


4 minutes of audio bliss and unforgettable visuals. We tattoo you with a series of songs and stories about INK. Illustrated by Groucho Marx and Weird Al, you’ll be indelibly stained if you dare to watch.

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Episode 211, “Real Life Events in Song”


These songs are about things that actually happened, mostly death and dismemberment. But there are some jollies to be had with the help of Pat Boone, Rosanne and Lou Reed. Did you know “Smoke On The Water” is about a real fire? Did you know that the Edmund Fitzgerald was eaten by a sea monster? Okay that one isn’t true. But the other stuff is.

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Record Bin Roulette – Halloween


4 of the most ridiculous minutes you will ever spend. When it’s over you will beg for more.

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Episode 200, “Harps”


From the Bible to The Beatles, our story of the magnificent harp. Along the way we visit with Cher, The Carpenters and Stevie Wonder. Oh, and the lady who plays harp to calm zoo animals, she’s cool.

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Episode 199, “The End of the World”


We love a good doomsday scenario, because we get to visit our favorite crackpots, Harold Camping and Marshall Applewhite. With musical accompaniment from The Doors, REM, The Beatles and Marlene Dietrich.

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Episode 198, “Our Pulchritudinous Obsession With Music”


Now we have to tell you that “pulchritude” is a very ugly word for “beauty”, and we’ve got 4 minutes of music, commercials and cartoon characters to illustrate.

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Episode 197, “Death”


A 4 minute musical excursion to the limits of good taste with an episode devoted to Death in all its splendor. Along the way we run into Bob Dylan, The Shangri-Las and Monty Python. It is a good day to die.

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Episode 196, “People”


People are strange, and we’ve got the songs to prove it. This week it’s UP WITH PEOPLE, starring Sly Stone, The Doors, Barbra Streisand and Jiminy Cricket. So, people get ready…

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Episode 195, “Elections”


The Elections through the twisted lens of Record Bin Roulette. This election is the most important in our lifetime, and this episode is the most important thing you will ever watch.

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